Advanced Russian bombs capable of striking any Kharkiv corner - regional governor

Oleh Synehubov
Oleh Synehubov

The newly deployed UMPB D-30SN bomb by Russia represents a significant threat to Kharkiv, capable of targeting any area within the city, the regional governor Oleh Synehubov said on March 29 in a comment to public broadcaster Suspilne.

Synehubov detailed the risks posed by this advanced weaponry.

"This bomb can reach any part of Kharkiv, any district," Synehubov stated, emphasizing the wide-reaching impact of the weapon. "Even communities in Kharkiv Oblast, depending on their proximity to the border, are at risk."

The Russian military executed two airstrikes on Kharkiv's Shevchenko district using these bombs from Su-class aircraft, Synehubov said. The UMPB D-30SN, an air-to-surface missile, has been adapted for precision guidance and ground attacks.

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"The attacks were not simultaneous," Synehubov explained.  "There was a notable interval between them, with varied flight paths, suggesting these might have been test strikes aimed at locating our air defense systems.

"He detailed that the bombs were launched from different directions and originated from Belgorod Oblast in Russia, traveling distances of 72-74 kilometers to reach Kharkiv.

Synehubov noted a worrying trend in the evolution of Russian offensive capabilities, highlighting advancements in the range and design of these guided bombs, now capable of hitting targets up to 90 kilometers away. "It appears to be a trial, potentially indicating future use," he said. "Perhaps they were looking for our air defense systems to detect them. The munitions entered Kharkiv from different directions: one from the north, the other through Bohodukhiv, and then lower, from the western part of the city."

In response to these threats, Synehubov called for urgent measures to safeguard Kharkiv's population, including the construction of shelters, deployment of mobile shelters, and the development of an electronic warfare system to counter the aerial threats.

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