Outrage after 'weird and inappropriate' video emerges of conservative mascot on campaign trail

A conservative political mascot has caused outrage after appearing to gyrate and rub up against a poster of an independent candidate.

Captain GetUp!, a mascot being used by Advance Australia to mock left-leaning environmental conservation group GetUp!, was filmed rubbing up against a poster of Warringah candidate Zali Steggall and Labor leader Bill Shorten.

Ms Steggall is running against former prime minister Tony Abbott in the upcoming federal election, to be held on May 18. GetUp! has been campaigning against Mr Abbott.

But the video, which has since been deleted by Advance Australia, has been widely mocked and condemned for being “weird and inappropriate” after it was shared by twitter user Matt Burke.

Captain GetUp! rubs up and gyrates on a poster of independent candidate Zali Steggall and Labor leader Bill Shorten. The mascot's creators Advance Australia have been condemned over the video. Source: Twitter/ Matt Burke

“Disgraceful! Is this really the kind of rabid sexism and offensive public displays we should expect from our elected leaders?” one woman tweeted.

Another woman called it “very creepy and disrespectful”.

“Putrid. Only the weird would find this funny,” one man tweeted.

Ms Steggall accused Advance Australia of sexism.

“Again,Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison, you accept Advance Australia’s support. Does Captain GetUp! represent your values?” she tweeted.

She told Fairfax the video was “inappropriate”.

"There is no place for that kind of behaviour in the 21st century. It is disrespectful, it's inappropriate,” she told Fairfax.

Advance Australia director Gerard Benedet told Yahoo News “Captain GetUp! made a mistake”.

“The video has been taken down,” he said.

“The point remains a vote for Zali Steggall is a vote for Bill Shorten with Labor running dead in Warringah.

“Advance Australia does not endorse members or candidates.”

Labor has its own candidate Dean Harris vying for the seat of Warringah.

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