Adorable video shows dog 'rescuing' girl from ocean swell

A loyal but possibly over-protective dog has helped a little girl swimming in the ocean after he mistakenly thought she was drowning.

Matyas the dog was swimming with his owner’s granddaughter close to the shore in ankle-deep water on a French beach when he noticed a small wave crash over her.

She briefly went under and otherwise appeared fine, but the big pooch didn’t want to take any chances.

Video shows Matyas grasp the little girl by her shirt with his mouth, and pull her back onto the sand.

Matyas and the little girl play in the water. Source: Jukin Media

She giggles during the entire ordeal and as she ends up back on land, Matyas sits at her side.

While Matyas seems to enjoy the water, Milo the dog, waits on the beach while his owner goes for a dip at Bethells Beach, Auckland.

Milo’s ‘dad’ Dayne Maxwell, said the two-and-a-half-year-old dog has been joining him at the beach for more than a year. 

Not taking any chances, Matyas pulls the little girl to safety as she giggles. Source: Jukin Media

“When I first started taking him down to the beach I’d tie him up to a tree or the surf tower, and come back and check that he was ok and let him know that I was coming back,” Mr Maxwell told Yahoo7.

In July, an adorable stray dog made headlines in WA for completing a half-marathon alongside two-legged athletes.  

Stormy, a one-year-old stray, joined the Goldfields Pipeline Half Marathon in Kalgoorlie.

The little pooch received a medal too.