Adobe Premiere Pro is getting an AI tool to cut your hems and haws

The new features launch alongside the commercial release of its Firefly for Enterprise generative AI.


Creating smooth, high-quality is a challenge, with car horns and accidental pauses two of the many obstacles necessary to overcome. Adobe Premiere Pro is attempting to make these points less of a nuisance with the automatic removal of any background noise or accidental "ums" that get muttered.

Adobe Premiere Pro should get rid of your "ums" and "hmms" with an update called filler word detection — an AI-based tool that does exactly what it says before deleting them from both the audio and any transcription. It can also identify and cut any long pauses you want out of the final version. Filler word detection works through Adobe's Text-Based Editing tool, which launched earlier in the year.

Background noise is processed through an AI-powered tool called Enhance Speech that Adobe touts as turning any audio into the quality of being "recorded in a professional studio." Adobe claims it will automatically remove background noise while providing you with a mix slider if you want to keep any of it.

These new features are launching in conjunction with the commercial release of Adobe's Firefly for Enterprise generative AI across Photoshop, Adobe Express and Illustrator —it beta launched this past March. Using the AI tool requires a "generative credits" subscription plan that should "enable customers to turn a text-based prompt into image and vector creations." It's also available as a web application with Creative Cloud paid plans.