Adelaide sea lions swimming in limbo

Marnie Banger

Two sea lions living at Adelaide Zoo are yet to find a new home despite officials admitting their enclosure is not the best and animal activists slamming it as no bigger than a swimming pool.

Zoos SA is facing renewed pressure to offer Ady and Tasko a bigger home, with an online petition gaining 4000 signatures since reopening last week.

The petition, instigated by Environmental Sustainability Australia, says the enclosure the pair have been in since 2009 is too small and wants the animals relocated.

Zoos SA says it has been searching for years for a new home for the sea lions at another facility as it does not have the space to build them one in Adelaide.

But despite its best efforts it has not been able to find the pair, who were born in captivity so can't be released into the wild, somewhere safe to go.

"This is expected to take some time because at this stage no other Australian facility has confirmed they have room for our beautiful duo," Zoos SA said in a statement.

Zoos SA said the welfare of its animals was its top priority and while they were actively searching for a new home for Ady and Tasko the sea lions were still being very well looked after.

"They both receive lots of extra love and care from their keepers to ensure they have a regular schedule of stimulating enrichment that helps maintain their physical and mental wellbeing," it said.

"Our keeping team and the whole Adelaide Zoo family absolutely adore Ady and Tasko and will continue to provide them mental and physical stimulation that encourages species appropriate behaviour until a new home is found."

Ady was born at Adelaide Zoo in 1997 while her male counterpart Tasko was born at Coffs Harbour's Dolphin Marine Magic facility in 2003.

Adelaide Zoo confirmed in April last year its 20-year master plan did not include sea lions or other large marine animals because it does not have room for them.