Regular users and seniors benefit from Adelaide public transport changes

Public transport ticket changes to include unlimited monthly pass

After chronic bus delays and lengthy rail closures, there is finally some good news for public transport users in Adelaide with a range of cheaper fares announced today.

From December, 28-day passes will be available to all Metrocard holders, giving them unlimited trips.

At a cost of $114, it will save those who travel to and from work five times a week $17.60 a month.

An additional five per cent saving will also be on offer if their employer signs up to a new commuter club.

Fares on Sundays and public holidays will be slashed to $1.80 – a saving of $1.49 a trip.

And free travel for seniors will be extended from to include before 7am and after 7pm on weekdays.

The announcement is the latest in a series of new policies as part of the government’s ‘Building a Strong South Australia’ initiative.

The first two were fully costed, but Premier Jay Weatherill cannot say how much the latest announcment will cost taxpayers.

“We’ll be settling all those out in the mid-year-budget review,” Mr Weatherill said.

That will not be until the end of the year.

Transport Services Minister Chloe Fox denies the announcement has been timed to coincide with a public transport forum in her marginal seat on Wednesday.

“I have been running public transport forums since about October 2011 to there’s not actually anything new there,” she said.