Add Chocolate To Your Negroni For A Sweeter Nightcap

Chocolate Negroni cocktail
Chocolate Negroni cocktail - Bloody Mary's / Facebook

When you think of Negronis, you probably think of a delightful aperitif with a tantalizing blend of bitter flavors to whet your appetite before dinner. When you think of nightcaps, you probably think of hot toddies and brandy Alexanders with sweet, comforting flavors to relax you after a hard day. But what if you could bring these two concepts together in one harmonious drink? Chocolate is the secret ingredient you can add to an easy Negroni recipe for the sweet nightcap you desire.

Negronis are traditionally made with equal measures of just three ingredients: gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. Chocolate, in its many forms, contains flavors that complement those Negronis already possess, like bitterness and sweetness. Primarily, you can incorporate chocolate into your Negroni three different ways. The first is with a couple dashes of chocolate bitters for depth. The second is with a small pour of créme de cacao for creamy sweetness. The last is with dark chocolate shavings over the top for aroma and flavor. Tripling down on this secret ingredient ensures you get the chocolatey punch you need to cut through the Negroni's strong flavors.

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Other Ways To Enhance Your Chocolate Negroni

Chocolate cocktail with orange slices
Chocolate cocktail with orange slices - Sokorevaphoto/Getty Images

The easiest way to enhance a chocolate Negroni is to use the right ingredients. The gin should be whichever kind you like best, and Campari is set in stone. For sweet vermouth, there are lots of options, but Punt e Mes is an ideal choice for a chocolate Negroni thanks to its hints of sweetness and orange flavor. The type of dark chocolate you choose to shave on top can also make a big impact on the final cocktail. Dark chocolate bars have an intense cacao flavor and aroma that aren't too overwhelming. Additionally, if you can find a dark chocolate bar that's naturally flavored with orange, that's another match made in heaven for the chocolate Negroni.

When you really want to lean into this drink's nightcap theme, you can experiment by making a hot Negroni with chocolate. Just like with a classic hot toddy recipe, the secret ingredient here is hot water. First, mix the classic Negroni ingredients, and then pour in your hot water. As for the chocolate, you'll need to be very experimental. Try using a high-quality hot chocolate mix that contains an even balance of sweet and bitter. The granules will dissolve easier in the hot liquid, which should create a better drinking experience than if you just shave hot chocolate on top.

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