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Adam Driver hits the gas in first trailer for Michael Mann's Ferrari

Adam Driver hits the gas in first trailer for Michael Mann's Ferrari

This Christmas, Michael Mann will return to theaters with his first movie in eight years: a biopic of race car driver-turned-engineer Enzo Ferrari starring Adam Driver.

Titled Ferrari, the film received its first trailer on Wednesday, and what the clip lacks in dialogue it makes up for in high-octane racing and plenty of family baggage.

Set in 1957, the movie builds towards an open-road endurance race known as the Mille Miglia. Throughout the clip, we see Enzo at various times of life, including as a child delighting in his first bicycle and a young adult racing cars. Penélope Cruz costars as his wife Laura, while Shailene Woodley appears as his mistress, Lina Lardi. The death of his son, Dino, appears to be putting a strain on both relationships. The hum of Ferrari engines underscores the drama, with Enzo only speaking at the end of the trailer: "You get into one of my cars, you get in to win."

Adam Driver in 'Ferrari'
Adam Driver in 'Ferrari'

NEON Adam Driver in 'Ferrari'

Mann has been trying to make a movie about Ferrari for years, and even consulted on 2019's Ford v. Ferrari, James Mangold's Oscar-winning film about the 1966 Le Mans race. Now, Mann has finally finished his take on the Italian racing dynasty (based on the book Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machine by Brock Yates), which marks his first film since 2015's cyber thriller flop Blackhat.

If Ferrari goes over better with audiences and critics than Blackhat did, fans of Mann can look forward to a potential film adaptation of Heat 2, the novel he published with co-author Meg Gardiner last year as a prequel/sequel to his iconic 1995 crime film.

Ferrari is set to hit theaters on Christmas. Watch the trailer above.

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