Actress' cutout top sparks debate

Holly Hales
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Natalie made the appearance to promote her new show but online commenters were more interested in drawing attention to her choice of dress. Photo: NBC

An actress has been forced to defend her choice of clothes after she was ridiculed for wearing a low-cut top on a late-night chat show.

Natalie Morales, who once starred in comedy series Parks and Recreation, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week wearing a tight pink top with a triangle-shaped piece of material cut out from its centre.

And while Natalie made the television appearance to promote her new show Abby’s, online commenters were more interested in drawing attention to her choice of dress.

“Psst – your blouse is undone,” wrote one curious viewer.

“What happened to the centre of Natalie Morales’ shirt? Did she get it caught on something coming out on stage?” asked another.

Natalie Morales was forced to defend her choice of dress following the TV appearance. Photo: Getty Images

The commentary inspired Natalie to hit back with a report of her own, telling the outfit shamers to ‘get a life’ for their unwarranted offence at her choice of outfit.

“Apparently people are making a big deal out of cleavage like breasts haven’t been around since the actual beginning of humankind,” she wrote.

“Get a life. It’s a body part. A great one, but so are eyes and arms and fingers.”

Others went so far as to question how Seth, the program’s host, managed to maintain his concentration throughout the segment.

“I’m a woman and I couldn’t even stop looking at them. Thank you, Ms. Morales, but also you owe an apology to Seth for putting him through that,” wrote one shameless viewer.

“My goodness! Seth must be a Jedi in training … I would have lost focus the first blink of the eye and given in to the dark side,” said another.

However, Natalie had supporters in high places, with Arrow actor Stephen Amell writing a reply so cheeky Morales had to clarify the pair were in fact friends offline.

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