'You're acting like Black people': Woman's racist rant over 'dog attack'

Nadine Carroll
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A dog owner’s racist rant where she brandishes a taser and commands a Black family to “stop acting Black” has been captured on camera.

A video filmed in California by the Jones family was posted to a Reddit forum dubbed Public Freakout and shows an elderly blonde woman holding a poodle in one hand and a taser in the other, confronting a man and a woman claiming their dog attacked hers.

“The dog attacked my dog,” the blonde woman, who allegedly lives opposite the Jones family, can be heard saying.

“The dog’s not even outside ma’am,” Jarielle Jones, the woman inside the house filming the incident on her mobile phone says.

A scene from a video where a white woman accuses a Black family of acting "Black" while holding a taser.
'You guys are acting like Black people': A woman holding a taser has confronted a Black family and demanded they 'act white'. Source: Reddit/Itsreallyreallytrue

‘You guys are acting like Black people’

The two go back and forth before Gerritt Jones steps in and can be heard saying he knows his dog didn’t attack the poodle because the interaction was captured on the security camera.

“You know what?” the blonde woman interrupts.

“You guys are acting like Black people…” she continues.

As the conversation intensifies, Ms Jones steps outside and raises her voice.

“I was raised in Oklahoma City where there were tons of Black people,” the blonde woman says in an attempt to defend what she just said.

“But we’re acting like what?” Ms Jones repeats.

“You’re acting like people that aren’t normal,” the blonde woman says.

Later in the video, the woman is asked to leave the property before she steps forward and holds her taser forward declaring: “I have a top secret clearance”.

‘Why don’t you act like a white person?’

In another video posted on Twitter the woman is again seen arguing at the front door with Mr Jones when she continues to insist that her poodle was attacked by the Jones’ family pitbull, before demanding the family “act like a white person”.

“You’re a black person in a white neighbourhood and you’re acting like one… Why don’t you act like a white person in a white neighbourhood?” the woman says.

Later in the video posted to Reddit, security vision of the alleged dog attack is shown.

The blonde woman greets Mr Jones who is standing near his white ute and they exchange pleasantries before he walks inside.

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The woman allows her dog to interact with the Jones’ dog while Mr Jones’ 13-year-old son stands with them.

At one point she sits on the driveway and pets the other dog before getting up and walking away.

At no time in the videos can the poodle or other dog be seen attacking each other.

The Jones family have shared multiple videos on social media of the incident, capturing different angles and said they are speaking out because they are tired of feeling unsafe in their home because they are Black.

“This woman charged after me and my brother multiple times with a taser, got in our face, yelled racial slurs at us, SO YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT I’M GONNA MAKE HER FEEL THIS S***,” Ms Jones tweeted.

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