Acrobats hospitalised after high-flying stunt goes wrong

Two acrobats have been hospitalised after a high-flying stunt went horribly wrong at a Perth ball on Saturday night.

The duo was in the middle of a trapeze act at a WA Police Social Club ball at Hyatt Regency Perth, when the trapeze swing broke under their weight, and they fell four metres to the ground.

The aerialists, from performance company Kinetica, were taken to Royal Perth Hospital with minor injuries including a scalp laceration and sprained knee, but have since been discharged.

The trapeze swing broke and the acrobats fell four metres during a performance at a Perth ball. Source: 7 News

“The crowd gasped in shock and horror and the organisers and colleagues of the artists quickly rushed to their side,” Mr Chan said.

“[The woman] appeared to be on her feet and speaking and moving when the paramedics arrived with the stretcher about 10 minutes later.”

The accident was equipment-related – not caused by human error, the theatre company confirmed.

Kinetica co-director Rebecca McMahon told Perth Now the trapeze appeared to have come away from its attachment to the ceiling.

Seconds before the pair fell during the performance that went horribly wrong. Source: 7 News

“They had already done full rehearsals at the Hyatt and there was nothing to indicate there was anything wrong with the rigging prior to when the accident happened,” Ms McMahon said.

She added that the pair were lucky to escape without major head or spinal injuries.

“Safety during circus performance is of paramount importance to Kinetica and the circus industry as a whole and a full investigation between our company and the venue is currently taking place,” the company said in a statement.