Accused Qld rapists 'jovial and cavalier'

Toby Mann

Two men accused of raping a drunk medical student as she staggered from a Brisbane pub were "jovial and cavalier" after the attack, a court has heard.

The description of how Ryan David George and Jack Scott Turner Winship were acting after the alleged April 2011 rape and sexual assault came from a key witness in their Brisbane District Court trial.

Michael Hayward was heading home from a night out in West End when he came across their alleged victim, who was distraught and "out of it" and had blood on her lower thighs and hands.

"She said 'these guys are trying to hurt me'," he said while giving evidence on Tuesday.

"I saw two guys who then seemed to turn around and walk in the opposite direction."

After running to catch up with the pair Mr Hayward said he spoke to them briefly.

One of them bragged about a recent sexual encounter in an alley, according to Mr Hayward's evidence.

"I was really surprised at how, sort of, jovial and cavalier they were," he said.

In opening her case on Monday afternoon, crown prosecutor Dzenita Balic told the jury the woman had left a bar where she had been with friends and was trying to make her way home when she was attacked.

It's alleged the victim was manoeuvred into an alley, where there was no CCTV, by the pair, who then sexually assaulted her.

The woman, who can't be identified, hadn't had sex before the attacks, the court heard.

The jury was told the question of consent would be central to their deliberations.

"There will be no dispute that Winship and George were in the alley with (the victim) or that Winship sexually interacted with her," Ms Balic said.

The trial continues.