Accused murderer 'acted in self-defence'

Georgie Moore
·2-min read

A man says he shot two "Albanian mafia" brothers, one fatally, at a Melbourne tyre shop in self-defence.

Ahmad El-Chakik is charged with murdering Edmund Shabani and trying to murder his brother, Elvis, at Ravenhall's Westworld Wheels and Tyres in October 2017.

El-Chakik then drove to a police station.

"I was assaulted in my car today. I was fighting for life," El-Chakik told police in a prepared statement, according to prosecutors.

"I acted in self-defence to get those people away from me.

"I come to police today feeling terrible because I want to cooperate. I am totally innocent of the allegation."

El-Chakik is facing Victoria's first Supreme Court jury trial since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

It's not disputed he drove to the tyre shop, had a gun or shot the brothers before handing himself in to police.

CCTV footage was played on Wednesday showing El-Chakik waving the Shabanis over to his car at the shop.

Prosecutor Mark Rochford QC said the trio had an animated discussion before El-Chakik struck the Edmund in the face.

He then punched El-Chakik and got into his car.

Edmund was shot twice in the chest and abdomen, and died.

Elvis was shot in the legs but survived.

El-Chakik later told police he knew the men, as they and his own brothers had been involved in a violent incident years prior, Mr Rochford said.

He also claimed the Shabani brothers had grabbed the gun off him and he shot them after getting it back.

"That's clearly false, as can be shown by watching the CCTV," Mr Rochford said.

Acting for El-Chakik, Glenn Casement said the Shabanis had a history of violence.

"They run the western suburbs, they are the Albanian mafia," Mr Casement said.

"Those men were attacking him inside his own vehicle and trying to drag him out.

"My client fired a weapon in self-defence."

The trial is due to continue on Thursday.