Accused cop killer concedes he told lies

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Accused police killer Jason Roberts has maintained he is innocent despite conceding to a Victorian Supreme Court jury he lied about his criminal activity.

Roberts was interviewed by officers three times in July and August 2000, each time lying about his knowledge of the murders of Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller on August 16, 1998.

He told police he could not recall where he was that night, but the 41-year-old now says he stayed at the Debs' household with his girlfriend Nicole.

In his evidence last week, Roberts told the jury Bandali Debs later explained what happened at the Moorabbin shooting and showed him the Hyundai windscreen that had been damaged by bullets.

Roberts told police in 2000 the car was damaged after his 18th birthday in late August 1998, the jury heard.

He also lied about what caused the damaged windscreen, telling police it was from a brass strip rather than gunfire.

Roberts also told officers he had nothing to do with the 10 armed robberies he committed with Debs in 1998.

"Clearly as a teenager, I lied a lot," Roberts said in his evidence on Monday.

"I lied because Ban killed two police officers. That's not a small thing."

Roberts claimed an officer made a crass comment about his girlfriend Nicole when he spoke to police in December 1998.

Roberts first told other officers about the crass comment in July 2000.

Prosecutor Ben Ihle QC claimed Roberts lied about the comment to try to deflect police attention away from his involvement in the murders.

But Roberts denied that was the case, saying he also made reference to the comment in a recorded phone call between him and Debs.

"You would give a Panadol a headache," Roberts told the prosecutor. "You're being misleading."

It was also put to Roberts that he lied to his lawyers during his first murder trial.

Roberts told his representatives he did not commit the series of armed robberies and had no knowledge of the murders.

Roberts on Monday agreed he lied, but said Debs instructed him to.

"(Debs) said nothing should be put on him," Roberts told the jury.

Roberts and Debs were convicted of the murders 20 years ago, but Roberts' conviction was overturned on appeal and a fresh trial was ordered.

He has pleaded not guilty.

The Supreme Court trial before Justice Stephen Kaye and a jury of 14 continues.

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