Accused cop attacker in Melbourne court

A woman accused of biting a Victorian policewoman while in a drug-induced psychosis faces jail, a magistrate has warned.

Ayten Ulusoy, 49, is charged with recklessly causing injury to and resisting a policewoman at Dallas in September 2016. Other charges have been withdrawn.

The Broadmeadows Magistrates Court heard on Friday Ulusoy had been diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis and had been treated in hospital twice.

"To keep on taking ice in those circumstances, there would have to be something very compelling for me not to impose the mandatory sentence," magistrate Abigail Burchill said.

"This is a case where police have clearly said this is a drug-induced psychosis and does not deserve any mitigation."

The Victorian government introduced mandatory jail sentences in 2014 for anyone who intentionally injures an emergency worker.

The law requires a minimum six-month jail term unless there are "special reasons".

The court heard arguments about the extent to which a mental impairment defence could be used as a mitigating factor.

Outside court, Ulusoy appeared teary as she spoke with her lawyer and hugged loved ones.

She is due to return to court for a plea hearing next Friday.