Accused broke down after murder, jury told

Driving from her home where a NSW Central Coast mother was killed, an accused murderer broke down and showed her former boyfriend a plastic grocery bag containing bloodied weapons, a jury has heard.

In the NSW Supreme Court, Justin Kent Dilosa and Carol Marie McHenry are both accused of murdering Danielle Easey on August 17, 2019.

Ms Easey's decomposing body was found in a creek near the M1 motorway at Killingworth two weeks later, wrapped in a protective suit, a doona, plastic and a layer of duct tape.

Her body had extensive scalp lacerations, skull depressions and stab wounds to her back, consistent the Crown says with being attacked with a hammer and a knife.

McHenry and Dilosa point the finger at each other, claiming the other attacked and fatally wounded the 29-year-old in McHenry's home.

Taking the stand once more on Monday, Dilosa said his ex-girlfriend McHenry had brought Ms Easey to his place to smoke ice late at night on August 15.

He denied claims he was angry with Ms Easey afterwards, saying he was more frustrated because her stories kept changing.

McHenry returned to her Narara home with Ms Easey in the morning but called Dilosa in the afternoon saying she was "losing her s***," he told the jury.

Dilosa said McHenry had found her boyfriend's driver's licence and bank statements belonging to her son in Ms Easey's handbag.

On arriving at McHenry's home, Dilosa said the women were still arguing with Ms Easey sporting a "red mark" on her face.

He told the jury that Ms Easey confessed that she couldn't help stealing things.

"If she walks into a room and she sees a charger plugged into a powerpoint and she can get away with it, she'll put it in her bag," he said.

The situation calmed down and the three of them went in search of ice, including from a fellow named Crazy in Newcastle and through a "rip-off" where they planned to steal ice from an acquaintance, Dilosa said.

Back in Narara the night of August 16, Dilosa said McHenry was still upset at Ms Easey and was speaking down to her.

"She was treating her like s*** and that's as simple as I can put it," he told the jury.

Falling asleep in his van, Dilosa said he returned to McHenry's place to find her at the front door.

"We've got to go," she's alleged to have said.

Dilosa said the drive from her home was "weird," with McHenry placing her head in his lap. At one point she started crying, the jury heard.

"Jay, I'm never going to see the kids again. I don't know what I've done," she allegedly said.

Stopping by the side of the road, McHenry showed Dilosa a plastic grocery bag. Inside were a hunting knife, hammer and piece of material covered in blood, he said.

Offering to sort out whatever had happened, Dilosa said he drove to the home of one of his friends, Jeremy Princehorn, who had a bonfire going in his backyard.

While claiming he did not know there was an actual body at this point, Dilosa says he threw the grocery bag into the fire and, the following day, shattered the knife with a hammer.

McHenry, Dilosa, Princehorn and another individual then went over to the Narara home where Ms Easey's body was found in one of the bedrooms.

"I noticed a lump in the bed. I walked around to the side of the bed ... pulled back the covers and saw Danielle's body," he said.

Princehorn, who was standing in the bedroom and saw the body, has been sentenced for being an accessory after the fact to Ms Easey's murder.

Dilosa will continue testifying on Tuesday.