Accused boasted of Aust heroin shipment

Peter Mitchell, AAP US Correspondent

Accused Pakistani heroin smuggler Muhammad Khalid Khan, who allegedly boasted to an undercover agent he could ship a 10-tonne load to Australia, may be close to entering a plea deal with New York prosecutors.

Khan is locked up in Brooklyn's infamous Metropolitan Detention Center after his arrest in Nigeria last year.

The 32-year-old was scheduled to attend a pre-trial conference in a New York court on Wednesday, but prosecutors asked for the appearance to be pushed back to August so discussions with his legal team could continue.

"The adjournment and the exclusion of time will permit the parties to continue discussions regarding the potential for a pre-trial disposition in this matter," prosecutors Rebekah Donaleski and Kimberly Ravener told US District Court Judge Vernon Broderick.

The judge agreed to adjourn the matter to August 21.

Khan was arrested after a global law enforcement trap involving the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and US Drug Enforcement Administration was set.

Undercover agents and sources posing as as partners in a large-scale narcotics trafficking organisation allegedly negotiated massive heroin shipments and money laundering with Khan.

"I can supply 1,000kg, 10,000kg," Khan allegedly told one of the agents.

Prosecutors allege between October 2017 and June 2018 Khan attempted to send hundreds of kilograms of heroin hidden in maritime shipping containers to Australia and New York, and laundered hundreds of thousands of dollars of what he believed to be narcotics proceeds from Australia into the United States.

Khan has entered not guilty pleas to attempting to import heroin, international promotional money laundering, and international concealment money laundering charges.

He faces a maximum life prison sentence if found guilty.