Accountant told victim 'deplorable' rape was 'just a bit of fun'

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An accountant who raped a woman at a party while she thought she was having sex with his friend told her it was "just a bit of fun", a court heard.

Ibraheem Egunbambi's advances had been rejected by the woman, and she had instead decided to have consensual sex with one of his friends.

However, the 29-year-old raped her while she was facing the other way and believed it was the other man having sex with her.

Egunbambi claimed it was "just a bit of fun", but a jury at Manchester Crown Court found him guilty of rape.

"It was not just a bit of fun," Judge Patrick Field QC told him. "This was a nasty, disrespectful and unpleasant violation of a young woman."

Ibraheem Egunbambi described the sexual assault as 'a bit of fun', Source: Greater Manchester Police
Ibraheem Egunbambi told a woman his sexual assault of her was 'a bit of fun'. Source: Greater Manchester Police

Economics graduate Egunbambi was jailed for four-and-a-half years for the assault, which took place three years ago.

The woman, 21, had been out with a friend in Manchester city centre where they met Egunbambi and two other men.

In the early hours the group decided to go back to one of the men's houses in Moston and it was there that Egunbambi tried to kiss the woman, but he was "rebuffed", the court was told.

"You knew she wanted to have nothing to do with you of a sexual nature," the judge said.

Instead she had consensual sex with one of the other men, but Egunbambi later went into the dark bedroom.

"While she was facing the wall you slipped onto the bed behind her," the judge said. "You knew it was important that she thought that she was still having sexual intercourse with him, as indeed she did."

The rape happened in the UK city of Manchester. Source: Getty, file.
The rape happened in the UK city of Manchester. Source: Getty, file.

Once she realised she wasn't having sex with the same man as earlier she told Egunbambi to stop and he did.

"But this didn't stop you trying to justify your frankly deplorable behaviour by saying it was just a bit of fun," the judge added. "There can be no doubt as to the upset and distress that she was caused, both at the time and subsequently.

"That distress can only have been compounded by having the ordeal of reliving these events while giving evidence in court, and being accused of being a liar in the process."

Police say the assault an 'appalling crime'

Egunbambi, who had no previous convictions, worked as an accountant after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University, and had also been employed as a support worker helping adults with learning difficulties.

"It was a single serious mistake, it will have a dramatic effect on his life," his barrister Barry Grennan said.

"He will lose his job, he will lose his home, his loss of good character is very important to him, but he only has himself to blame."

After the hearing, Detective Constable Paul Shacklady, of GMP's City of Manchester's Operation Challenger Unit said: "This is an appalling crime. Egunbambi had absolutely no respect for the fact that the victim had specifically expressed she wasn't interested in him earlier on in the night, instead feeling he was entitled to violate and rape her.

"Hopefully this sentencing sends a clear a message this this behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated and any offenders will be made to face the full consequences of their actions."

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