Abundance of avocados expected to push prices down

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Avocado producers are expected to have another bumper crop, which could be good news for consumers with prices expected to drop.

Harvest of the popular Hass avocado has begun with strong production expected to see the avocado price fall heading into winter, according to Rural Bank's latest data.

Senior agricultural analyst Michael Curtis said while there will be plenty of supply this year, last year's record low prices are unlikely to be repeated.

"Strong production of those avocados is going to lead to fairly low prices," he told AAP.

"So consumers should expect to see some low, low priced avocados in supermarkets - not quite as low as what we saw last year."

John Tyas from Avocados Australia said he doesn't expect massive volumes of supply, while new domestic and export markets will mean more options for growers.

He said the price will be determined by supply and demand.

"We've seen a lot of new consumers buy into... the domestic market," he said.

"We also saw our export markets triple into mainly Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and then more recently ... access to India," he told AAP.

"India's going to be a game changer for the industry."

Australian Hass avocados received provisional access to the Indian market in March, with 10 trial shipments to be sent to India during the provisional access period.

Access was granted after Australia showed its avocados could meet India's biosecurity and food import requirements.

If the shipments meet India's import requirements, full access will be granted.

The move came after Australia secured reduced tariffs on a range of horticulture products to the lucrative Indian market.

Rural Bank expects the price of avocados domestically to move closer to two dollars per kilogram over the next couple of months.