You absolutely have to see this hilarious Minion birthday cake fail

One of the greatest cake fails of all time has to be the magnificent “Emo” cake, where the decorator misread the instructions for an Elmo cake, complete with black and red icing. But this mom’s cake fail takes the, uh, cake when it comes to bad.

TikTok user @babygirls0s0 posted a video about her experience ordering a Minion cake from Texas-based grocery chain H-E-B, and instead of looking like a Minion from a movie, it looks like a Picasso painting.

The mom starts the video completely blown away. “Yo, I just picked up my son’s Minion cake from H-E-B and this is the ugliest […] thing I’ve ever seen,” she starts the video. “This is so not what I asked for and his party’s tomorrow. It is totally fixable and I’m not that picky so I just took it. But this is the ugliest […] thing ever.”

She explained to viewers that she initially told the employee taking her order that she wanted blocks of blue and yellow but it didn’t have to be as intricately iced as the photo of an example cake she found on Pinterest that she showed the employee.

Mom says the employee even asked her if she wanted the cake to be “ombre” and go from blue into yellow. “And I’m like, ‘No, straight blue, straight yellow,’” she said, adding that the cake would be quickly ruined by her son anyway.

Welp. The cake was definitely ombre, with green in the middle from the melting icing, and the poor Minion’s eyeballs were slipping off down the sides of the cake.

Mom had so many questions.

“What the [heck] is this? Where are my swirls? Why is it ombre? Why is it green? What happened to the goggle circles? What the actual [heck] is that?”

The video received 18 million views and the comments did not disappoint.

“Wait. Are you sure you ordered it from HEB and not Wish???” wrote one user.

“NOTHING COULD HAVE PREPARED ME,” shouted another person.

And the best comment: “It looks like a beach themed hamburger.”

The viewers demanded an update from mom, and she later posted a video of how she, her mother-in-law, and her fiance salvaged the birthday cake.

They bought a Minions cake topper, which included goggles, and put it on the top. They took the weird ribbon and wrapped it around the middle of the cake where it had turned green, and they stripped off the eyes that were already sliding off the cake.

“What we ended up doing is this. Look how pretty this was. And it took two seconds,” the mom said.

She deserves an award for being able to think on her feet quickly and turn a bad situation into a great situation. Two thumbs up, mom.

A version of this story was originally published on Nov. 6, 2023. It has been updated.