'Absolutely obliterated': Embarrassing fail on anti-Joe Biden billboard

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A billboard with baseless claims about Joe Biden, featuring a shocking spelling error, has popped up in a small town in the US.

In Uniontown, Pennsylvania, a billboard claiming Joe Biden is not fit to be president popped up along a main road.

The billboard features pictures of Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. Biden is branded as “Sleepy Joe”, US president Donald Trump’s name for him, and Harris as “Phony Kamala”.

It was the misspelling of the word “dementia” which caught the attention of Evan Ludy, who shared the photo to Twitter on October 16.

“Fayette County Billboards... absolutely obliterated the word ‘dementia’,” Ludy wrote on Twitter.

Pictured is the billboard in Pennsylvania which reads: “Biden’s Dimensia Is Worsening. He is Not Fit."
A billboard which says Joe Biden is "not fit" has been highlighted for a shocking spelling mistake. Source: Twitter/@evan_ludy

“Biden’s Dimensia Is Worsening. He is Not Fit,” the billboard says.

“The irony is just hilarious,” Ludy told Newsweek.

“Person...Woman...Man...Camera...TV... When you accuse someone else of reduced mental acuity, maybe spell simple words right,” one person remarked on Twitter.

Since the photo of the billboard was shared to Twitter, people have left brutal Google reviews for the company which owns the space, Penneco Outdoor Advertising.

“Clearly suffering from "dimensia" - a rare condition where their brains are transported to another dimension. Side effects include inability to spell, hypocrisy, and baseless outright lying,” one person said in a Google review.

The Pittsburg City Paper notes Penneco has a history of putting up billboards which favour the right-wing of US politics.

When women made claims against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh before his confirmation to the Supreme Court, a Penneco billboard paid for by Citizens for American Energy branded the survivors “Paid LIARS”, according to the Pittsburg City Paper.

“Judge Kavanaugh is a good man,” the 2018 billboard which appeared in North Huntingdon said.

“Democrat accusers; Paid LIARS.”

Both Trump and Biden questioned if ‘fit’ for office

Earlier this year, Trump bragged about his results in a cognitive test, saying he “aced” the “hard” Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCa), which healthcare professionals use to identify a patient’s cognitive health and indicate whether they might be suffering from dementia.

Trump recalled in a Fox News interview that he successfully repeated back to a physician a series of words he’d been given audibly: “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”

Pictured during a presidential debate is President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee, Joe Bide
President Donald Trump has continued to call Joe Biden "Sleepy Joe" and even insinuated he has dementia. Source: Getty Images

When Biden was asked about cognitive testing in June, he responded: “I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested.”

“I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against,” he added.

The Biden campaign quickly clarified that its candidate was referring to the rigour of the presidential campaign – not that he had undergone specific cognitive testing.

Allies of both Trump and Biden often seize on the other’s verbal slips. Both men have provided enough material to generate widely shared video mash-ups of their mistakes.

Biden’s third White House bid has drawn renewed attention on his lifelong struggle as a stutterer.

The claims that Biden has dementia is unfounded, though even Trump continues to push the narrative in the lead-up to the 2020 election along with other conservative figures.

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