'Disgusting': Photos reveal disturbing problem in schools

A teacher from a school in Idaho has turned stomachs with a class experiment that proved just how filthy our hands can be, even after washing them.

As flu season was approaching in the US, Jaralee Metcalf gave her primary school science class a task to discover just how many germs we carry on our hands and on a laptop.

The students decided to touch slices of fresh white bread with different objects, seal them in ziplock bags and spend the next four weeks observing any changes.

The students touched slices of bread with different objects, sealed them and spent four weeks observing changes. Source: Facebook

The first slice was wiped on a Chromebook laptop, another was touched with dirty hands, while the final two slices were touched after washing hands with soap and water, and the other after using hand sanitiser.

A fifth slice of bread remained untouched and was sealed straight away to use as control piece.

The results ended up looking like something out of a horror movie.

The ‘disgusting’ results

Although there was no scientific data to show which piece of bread grew the most mould, it seemed that the slice wiped on a laptop had the most drastic change with almost the entire slice turning a dark shade of green.

Not surprisingly the slice that was touched with dirty hands got a little funky but what did surprise many people was the slice that was touched after using hand sanitiser.

That slice had an almost rainbow like effect of different colours of bacteria.

What surprised many people was the slice that was touched after using hand sanitiser. Source: Facebook

The simple science experiment made a big impact on social media with the Facebook post attracting more than 9,300 comments.

“And to think I had so much faith in hand sanitiser,” one person responded.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” another person wrote.

When people saw that the most effective seemed to be washing hands with soap and water, it sent a few people running to the bathroom.

“Washing my hands right now!” a user said.

'Great way to teach microbiology to your students' a person responded. Source: Facebook

Users also praised the school for the eye opening lesson.

“What a brilliant idea to help teach a lesson,” one person added

“Great way to teach microbiology to your students,” another agreed.

Ms Metcalf said that the biggest lessoned learned is soap and water gets the job done.

“As somebody who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired – wash your hands! Remind your kids to wash their hands! And hand sanitiser is not an alternative to washing hands,” She wrote.

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