'Absolutely disgusting': Outrage after dog left in parked car on blistering day

A dog owner has been criticised for leaving her pet in a parked car in Western Australia.

The dog, pictured sitting in a red car with the window down, was posted on Facebook after it was spotted on Wednesday at Point Street, Fremantle.

According to Weatherzone, Fremantle’s temperature hit a high of 32.8 on Wednesday.

“How do you report something like this, will it even be taken seriously?” the woman who posted the pic wrote.

A woman is furious this dog was left in a hot car. Source: Facebook

It’s not clear how long the dog was left in the car but Point Street has 15-minute and one hour street parking options between 9am-5pm. The car appears to be parked in a one-hour spot.

The woman added the dog’s owner returned as the ticket on her car was expiring.

Rangers, let her off “with a warning”, she wrote.

People on Facebook shared the woman’s anger over the dog’s treatment.

“That’s awful,” one woman wrote.

Another added it’s “disgusting”.

“What is wrong with people?” she wrote.

Others suggested the woman should smash the car window and get the dog out.

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But some questioned if the dog was in any real danger at all given the window was down.

A few people suggested since the window was open the owner probably “just ducking in and out”.

“The dog looks fine,” one woman wrote.

Another woman added the dog didn’t look “distressed” and accused people of overreacting.

According to RSPCA Victoria, tests conducted by the state’s ambulance service found “on a 29 degree day with the car’s air conditioning having cooled the interior to a comfortable 20 degrees” it took just 10 minutes for the temperature to more than double to 44 degrees”. 

The RSPCA added 10 minutes later, the temperature inside the car had tripled “to a deadly 60.2 degrees”. 

It added pets can also overheat even if the windows are down or the car is parked in the shade.

According to RSPCA WA, people who leave their dog in a car on a hot day can be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act and face a maximum penalty of $50,000 or five years’ imprisonment.

City of Fremantle has been contacted for comment.

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