'Absolute lies': Labor's Emma Husar denies claim she exposed herself to another MP

Besieged Labor MP Emma Husar has rejected claims she sexually harassed staff and exposed herself to another federal MP as “absolute lies” aimed at ruining her career.

Details of a letter from a Labor internal investigation sent to Ms Husar on May 16, containing a brief of allegations by staff of bullying and sexual harassment, was published by BuzzFeed on Thursday.

“This smear is completely and utterly untrue, unfair and hurtful beyond belief. 100 per cent false,” she tweeted.

In her tweets, the western Sydney MP publicly named and accused a former staffer and his father of fabrication.

“These are absolute lies that have been fabricated by [the ex-staffer], who’s working with his father to leak against me and ruin my reputation,” she said on Twitter.

Emma Husar has denied claims she sexually harassed and bullied staff. Source: AAP

“I have done my best to cooperate with the investigation and clear my name, but it’s clear these people will stop at nothing to destroy me.”

The Labor investigation reportedly received an allegation Ms Husar flashed Labor frontbencher Jason Clare in his office.

“This is categorically untrue,” Mr Clare said.

The investigation led by lawyer John Whelan spoke to more than 20 former staff as it prepared a brief of allegations.

“Several employees reported that you would discuss in the office who you found attractive and who you wanted to have sex with or who you have had sex with, including references to members of parliament and members of staff,” Mr Whelan wrote to Ms Husar, according to BuzzFeed.

NSW Labor said Mr Whelan’s investigation was still continuing.

Mr Clare denied he was flashed by Ms Husar. Source: AAP

“The continued speculation about this matter in the public arena is of significant concern,” the party said in a statement.

“It is a cause of some delay to the process and is serving to escalate tensions in an environment where parties to the assessment have expressed concerns about the impact of this matter on their wellbeing.”

The party expects Mr Whelan to provide a briefing about the investigation in coming weeks.

A spokesman for Bill Shorten told AAP the Labor leader hadn’t seen the letter referred to and nor was he aware of its existence before today.

NSW Labor informed the opposition leader of the independent investigation on July 18.

Treasurer Scott Morrison refused to believe Mr Shorten knew nothing about the investigation, given the letter was sent to Ms Husar in May.

“If he didn’t know about them, what sort of indictment is that on him?” Mr Morrison told reporters.

“He either is incompetent or he’s been covering it up.”

Ms Husar holds the western Sydney seat of Lindsay on a margin of 1.1 per cent.