'Absolute disgrace': Parking inspectors slammed for issuing Anzac Day tickets

Angry Perth residents have slammed parking inspectors for issuing tickets at the city’s Anzac Day dawn service.

Brendan Fisher was one of Tuesday morning’s City of Perth dawn service attendees.

He told Yahoo7 he’s been to many over the years but he’s been left furious after receiving a $200 parking ticket. 

Mr Fisher has accused inspectors of being given a “direct instruction to target people that are paying respects to the men and women who fought for our freedom”.

“It’s an absolute disgrace and un-Australian,” he said.

Perth residents pay their respects during the city’s 2018 Anzac Day commemorations. Source: AAP

Footage also emerged of a parking inspector taking down signs. Mr Fisher added the restricted bays “were not in any way inconveniencing anyone or breaching security”.

“The removal of the signs at 9am proves this,” he said.

The City of Perth’s Facebook page was also flooded with angry residents complaining about parking fines labelling council’s decision to issue them as opportunistic and greedy. 

“What a fantastic service but what a shame City of Perth decided to profit from the service sending the parking inspectors out before 6am to maximise the capture of vehicles parked in legitimate street parking,” one user wrote.

“So, what was the reason for closing off-street parking around west Perth for the first time in ten years? Scabby profiteering, nothing less.”

Resident Brendan Fisher said he was given a ticket while attending the dawn service. Source: Supplied

Another user claimed he parked his car on Ord Street at 3.50am and returned after 7am to find a ticket for $200.

He also said parking staff “were out of sight” until the service commenced. 

In a statement, the City of Perth said rangers used discretion, only issued fines to people parked in tow away zones and that because Anzac Day is a mass public gathering: “security is a top priority”.

Later on Wednesday the City of Perth issued a statement saying it would withdraw parking infringements to motorists parked illegally in tow away zones, during the Anzac Day dawn service.

“The City has liaised with event organiser RSLWA to ensure traffic management plans are clearer for residents and visitors attending future Anzac Day events in the city,” the statement said. 

“It is important to note several thousand motorists were not fined for illegal parking on verges and footpaths and only those in the exclusion zones were fined as a matter of safety given the traffic management plans.

“However, given the circumstances fines issued will not be enforced.

“Traffic management plans are an important security measure, as has been highlighted through recent incidents overseas, and are set up with the intended purpose of protecting the public.”