Aboriginal man sues Vic police over arrest

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An Aboriginal man is suing Victoria Police claiming he was tackled by officers and sworn at with a racial slur on his way to work in Melbourne.

Korey Penny alleges police called him a "black c***" after tackling him off his bicycle as he rode to his job on the Metro Tunnel project in September 2020.

In a writ filed in Victoria's Supreme Court, the 32-year-old says he was falsely imprisoned on St Kilda Road in breach of his human rights.

One officer is alleged to have put his knees on Mr Penny's legs, grasped his clothing and shook him, causing his head to strike the ground repeatedly.

Mr Penny also claims police grabbed his arms, pushed him against a wall, and went through his bag and pockets.

The officers are accused of abusing their power, acting unlawfully and humiliating the man in a "contumelious disregard" for his rights, according to the claim filed by Robinson Gill Lawyers.

It says the man left the scene in an ambulance suffering an elbow injury including numbness to his right hand and fingers.

Mr Penny is seeking damages for the officers' "reprehensible" conduct, including for psychiatric injury, medical expenses and loss of earning capacity.

He is also seeking a declaration the police involved acted unlawfully in breach of Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.

Victoria Police said it would not be appropriate to comment while the matter was before the court.