'It's an abomination': Social media divided over food store's new product

Costco is selling large lobster claws which weigh more than two kilograms.

Julesfood, a food blogger, uploaded a picture of a “ginormous” lobster claw from Costco in California last week. 

This giant lobster claw is one of many being sold at Costco in the US. Source: Instagram/ Julesfood

“This thing is unreal,” he wrote.

“I mean, come on. I’ve seen a few big claws at Costco before, but this one’s crazy. 

“I hope we have enough butter.” 

His post has more than 21,000 likes but not everyone’s thrilled by the store’s new offering.

Some suggested the size of the claw could be an indication of the lobster’s age and were concerned. 

“I love lobster, lobster bisque but to kill a lobster this old, that has survived so many threats to its life seems rather pointless,” one woman wrote. 

Another added it’s “an abomination” to eat lobsters in general. 

Lobsters are believed to live up to 50 years and research suggests they don’t deteriorate with age, according to science journal Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews.  

Not everyone is thrilled by Costco’s offering. Pictured: A Costco in Chicago. Source: Getty Images

It’s due to an enzyme which lobsters produce later in life. However, size has been cited as a reason for death as some are said to die from exhaustion, according to The Lobster Conservancy.

Others on Instagram were shocked by the sheer size of the claw. 

“What was that lobster’s name? Hercules?” one woman wrote. 

Another added it’s “literally unbelievable”. 

“Can’t even imagine the size of the full body of that thing,” she wrote.

The giant lobster claw is not available for purchase in Australian stores.

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