Abigail O'Neill

Mix together 1/2kg epsom salts with 1/2kg fine sea salt as a base, for extra zest add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil, lemon myrtle or essential oil of choice, 1-2tablespoons of ginger powder (herb section of supermarket) a shake of cayenne pepper & some dried basil.. mmm a deliciously FRESH salt mix!

Take a brisk morning walk, including a few sprints even better (so that you are hot!) jump into a cold shower for 1minute.. turn off water, then SCRUB yourself with zingy mixture until you are glowing pink. Shower in warm to hot water for 3mins then BLAST yourself with one more icy cold! Mmm so invigorating for your soul, body & spirit.. Finish by rubbing nutrient rich hempseed oil into the skin.

Or simply use salt mix any bathtime. The ‘Salt Glow’ improves circulation, mental clarity, smoothness, tone & elimination through the largest organ of your body – YOUR SKIN.


Available from Abigail’s website http://abigailoneill.net/ as an ebook (RRP$25) and hard copy (RRP$64.95).