Aberdeenshire grandad free to leave Dubai after court fine

An Aberdeenshire grandfather blocked from leaving the United Arab Emirates following a row over a Hogmanay party is now free to depart the country after being fined £650.

Ian Mackellar, 74 was charged with trespassing and verbal assault after he complained to neighbours in Dubai about music noise.

The retired economics lecturer had been visiting his daughter and granddaughter over the New Year period.

Mr MacKellar's wife Carol said she was "absolutely delighted" that her husband would be able to return home.

The government of Dubai's media office said the court had provided "swift and efficient delivery of justice".

After Mr MacKellar, of Newtonhill, was arrested his wife had to fly back to Scotland without him, and appealed for him to be able to return home.

Mrs MacKellar stated: "“I am absolutely delighted that this is going to be behind us now, and that Ian can come home.

“It’s been very traumatic, not being with him and wondering if I would see him again.”

She had previously told BBC Scotland News that his family were "so worried about him, mentally and physically".

Mrs Mackellar said her husband had gone to have a "neighbour-to-neighbour" chat to ask the party next door to turn their music down.

She stated the conversation became "aggressive" and a drink was thrown at one stage.

Carol MacKellar
Carol MacKellar had to fly back to Scotland without her husband after his arrest

In a statement, the Government of Dubai Media Office said: "Dubai Public Prosecution today confirmed that an expedited ruling was issued by the emirates One Day Court in the case involving British national Ian Mackellar.

"After consideration of the charges of trespassing and verbal assault, the court imposed a fine of £650."

The Media Office confirmed to BBC Scotland News that Mr Mackellar was now free to leave the United Arab Emirates.

Under Dubai’s laws, a charge of trespassing can be punishable with a fine, and potentially time in prison.