Abdul Shokoor Ezedi: What do we know of Clapham attack suspect?

As the manhunt for Abdul Shokoor Ezedi continues, what do we know about the suspect in the chemical attack in Clapham, south London?

The convicted sex offender, thought to be from Afghanistan, has been described by police as a "dangerous individual".

He is understood to have arrived in the UK by lorry in 2016 and was granted asylum in 2020 after two failed attempts.

Ezedi is believed to have been living in Newcastle, where in 2018 he had been convicted of one charge of sexual assault and one of exposure.

Now 35, he received a nine-week jail term suspended for two years for the sexual assault and, for the exposure, 36 weeks' imprisonment to be served consecutively, also suspended for two years.

Abdul Shokoor Ezedi
Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, 35, was last seen leaving Tower Hill underground station in east London

The sentence for the sexual offence included an unpaid work order.

Once that was complete in 2020, Ezedi was discharged from probation supervision.

Locals have told the BBC that he had been working in a pizza shop near Newcastle.

Yaya, the owner of Sultan Supermarket in Byker, Newcastle, said that he last saw Ezedi in his shop on Tuesday.

"He seemed normal and relaxed and in general was always respectful and polite. He worked six or seven days in a pizza shop behind the counter," Yaya explained.

"I was shocked. He was working hard."

Picture of Abdul Shokoor Ezedi taken in 2018
Clapham suspect Abdul Shokoor Ezedi is seen here in a 2018 image

Little is known about Ezedi's life before his arrival in the UK in 2016.

Later that year, he first applied for asylum and was refused.

His claim was refused a second time at an unknown date. In this application, he said he had converted to Christianity, meaning he would have been at risk if he returned to Afghanistan.

Ezedi appealed against this Home Office decision and a tribunal overturned it in 2020, having heard from a church witness who said he believed that Ezedi had converted to Christianity.

Map of Clapham attack suspect's known movements
Map of Clapham attack suspect's known movements

The attack occurred on Lessar Avenue, Clapham at 19:25 on Wednesday.

Police have said Ezedi, who was known to the injured woman, left the Newcastle area in the early hours of Wednesday morning and travelled down to the capital.

His car was seen in the Tooting, Croydon, and Streatham areas of London before arriving in Clapham.

Following the attack, the suspect tried to flee by car but crashed into a stationary vehicle, so continued his escape on foot.

He was captured on CCTV buying a bottle of water at a Tesco in Caledonian Road before entering King's Cross station and catching a Victoria Line train south.

He was last seen leaving Tower Hill underground station at 21:33 that evening.

In the images, he can be seen to have suffered what police described as "significant" and "distinctive" injuries to the right side of his face.

The police have carried out search on properties in London and Newcastle and have also offered a reward of up to £20,000 for information leading to the suspect's arrest.

Any member of the public who sees Ezedi is urged not to approach him and instead to call 999.