'White Christians have no compassion' says Muslim businessman in support of besieged ABC presenter

Muslim halal businessman Mohamed Elmouelhy has come to the defence of ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied, writing he is outraged at how much Australians show compassion for their dead but lack it for others.

"Yassmin Abdel-Magied should be given a medal," he said on Facebook.

Ms Abdel-Magied's controversial Anzac Day Facebook statement, which she has since apologised for, said: "Lest . We. Forget. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine...)."

Mohamed Elmouelhy has come to the defence of the Muslim youth activist after the internet unleashed on the presenter.

Mr Elmouelhy has come to the defence of embattled ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Photo: Facebook / Mohamed Elmouelhy

Mr Elmouelhy, the president of the Halal Certification Authority company, said Ms Abdel-Magied's Anzac Day Facebook post highlighted how Australian Christians didn't care about the deaths of people from other faiths.

"Have the white Australians sank so low that they can only feel compassion for their dead but not the dead of others?" he asked.

"So much for wishing for your neighbour what you wish for yourself."

Several petitions are currently doing the rounds to have Ms Abdel-Magied, who hosts ABC's Australia Wide program, sacked.

"It is a sad day when a Muslim woman reminds Christians of their religion," Mr Elmouelhy said.

Several politicians including One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and Nationals MP George Christensen have also called for her to be fired.

She quickly deleted and apologised for the post earlier this week.

Mr Elmouelhy used the occasion to criticise Israel, describing the democratic Jewish-majority nation as a place where "apartheid is practised with immunity".

"The European Jews decided to plant themselves there in the late 40s of the last century with the pretense that the Grand Realtor in the sky gave it to their ancestors thousands of years ago," Mr Elmouelhy said.

Mr Elmouelhy also took to social media on Tuesday and posted his own ANZAC day post which was met with praise from most Facebook users.