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ABC host Lisa Millar hits back at 'vile' trolls who attacked her outfit

Lisa Millar was slugged with 'foul' abuse from online critics over the skirt she wore on Monday's show.

A TV host who was subjected to “foul and disgusting” abuse online over an outfit she wore has fired back at trolls with an empowering statement on International Women’s Day.

ABC News Breakfast presenter Lisa Millar addressed the vile comments made about her skirt on Twitter, which came after her appearance on Monday morning’s show.

"The fact that what I wore on Monday attracted obnoxious commentary on Twitter – foul, disgusting personal abuse that I couldn't and wouldn't repeat – was upsetting," she said this morning.

ABC News Breakfast host Lisa Millar sits in the studio and talks to the camera.
ABC News Breakfast host Lisa Millar addressed the "disgusting" attacks made against her on Twitter. Source: ABC

"I am angry though, on this International Women's Day, on behalf of myself, but also on behalf of other women, young women, who see those stories and see someone like me being violently abused day after day for whatever reason bullies can find.

"I worry it might make you think that no progress is being made and that it's not worth it to be a woman in the public arena," she continued.

"Well on this International Women’s Day, I want to tell you the response over that rubbish yesterday actually gives me a bit of hope. We are making progress, we are going to make more progress, and there are so many awesome women who we can all look up to so let’s celebrate them today and please, make a conscious decision today to be part of the solution."

The ABC host ended by urging viewers to play their part in "making our communities a better, kinder place for everyone."

Millar deleted her Twitter account in 2021 after copping relentless attacks from online trolls.

ABC, colleagues comes to Lisa Millar’s defence

Millar’s co-host Michael Rowland leapt to her defence on Tuesday, calling for everyone to “do better”.

Colleague and host of 7.30 Laura Tingle was also among those who spoke out, praising Millar for being a positive role model for young women.

The ABC issued a statement on Tuesday, slamming other news networks for republishing offensive statements made about Millar.

"Giving anonymous social media bullies publicity on a national platform is participating in perpetuating antisocial behaviour and the very serious issue of online abuse of women," the statement read.

"Especially on the eve of International Women’s Day, we ask for a more responsible approach to reporting on these issues."

The ABC took aim at and The Daily Mail over their reporting on comments around the host's Monday outfit. Source: Twitter
The ABC took aim at and The Daily Mail over their reporting on comments around the host's Monday outfit. Source: Twitter

ABC News Director Justin Stevens echoed the statement in his own words.

"The relentless and vile bullying Lisa Millar is subjected to on social media, particularly Twitter, is unacceptable. She is an outstanding broadcaster and journalist and does an incredible job," he said.

"Media outlets that amplify this disgusting anonymous trolling need to take a good hard look at themselves and their standards."

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