Abbie Chatfield reveals why she wants her 'single, hot' mum to do reality TV

The reality TV veteran is petitioning for her mum to be the next Bachelorette.

She’s made multiple reality TV appearances throughout her career, but now Abbie Chatfield is ready to pass the crown onto her mother, Laura.

The popular podcast host and TV personality, who found fame on The Bachelor in 2019, says she wants her “single, hot” mum to star in an Australian version of the upcoming Golden Bachelor in the US.

Abbie Chatfield / Abbie's mum Laura.
Abbie Chatfield wants her mum to be the next Bachelorette. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

The world-first reality show features 72-year-old retiree and widower Gerry Turner on the search for love, with contestants ranging from ages 60 to 75.

“People are strange about older people dating,” Abbie said in a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

“We’ll see how The Golden Bachelor goes in the US, but I would love to see a Golden Bachelorette. Hopefully, Osher [Günsberg] will be able to find some Australians that are a bit older and divorced.”


This isn’t the first time Abbie has mentioned a desire for her “smoking hot” mum to appear on reality TV, with The Masked Singer judge sharing a post in 2021 proposing a similar concept.

“Petition for mum to be a 61-year-old Bachelorette,” she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Abbie Chatfield's Instagram Story about her mum Laura.
Abbie has been petitioning for her mum to be the Bachelorette since 2021. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

FGirl Island

Abbie also revealed in the interview that she would love to host an FBoy Island spin-off in Australia titled FGirl Island, which is currently in the works in the US.

“[The concept] is a bit harder to work that way,” she admitted. “The women would have to be empowered because of cultural norms. You don’t want to be dumping on women, or punching down, or punching laterally.

“Obviously, the joke of the show is that you’re punching up as a female host, so it would be interesting to see if it works … I would love a queer version, being a queer girl myself.”


Abbie received enormous praise for hosting the first season of FBoy Island Australia earlier this year, which has seen two of the three final couples stay together post-show.

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