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Abbie Chatfield's confronting photo after US ruling: '6 weeks pregnant'

Abbie Chatfield has shared an emotional photo of herself at six weeks pregnant, just one day before having an abortion.

The Masked Singer star said she “cried herself to sleep” after hearing about the US Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v Wade, meaning millions of women will no longer be able to access legal and safe abortions.

Left: Abbie Chatfield in a white dress and brunette hair at age 23. Right: Abbie chatfield smiling at the camera wearing a bright blue blazer.
Abbie Chatfield shared a photo of herself at six weeks pregnant. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

In her confronting Instagram post, Abbie shared that she was only 23 when she found herself needing an abortion.

“This is me the day before I had my abortion, at the earliest stage you can realistically tell that you’re even pregnant. Here, I’m six weeks pregnant,” the radio host began.

“Thankfully, I had access to safe abortion literally the day after finding out that I was pregnant. I remember not sleeping the night before the procedure, worried that I had missed the cut off date, and I would have to carry a child to term.

“I was 23, and had a decent job, but I did not want a child, and that was reason enough. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right decision.”


Abbie continued, saying that the overturning of Roe v Wade is not ‘pro life’, but ‘anti choice’, before adding that ‘people will die because of this ruling’. She also warned fans not to be too complacent here in Australia, because there are ‘no guarantees’ that abortion rights will not change.

The star mentioned she has more to say on the topic, and plans to speak about it in depth on her podcast this week.

Abbie Chatfield in a low cut black dress poses with boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephen in front of a grungy pink wall
The star is in an open relationship with Konrad Bień-Stephen. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Her celebrity friends applauded Abbie for being so open and raw about the topic, with Carla from Bankstown writing, “Thank you for sharing this with us, well said. Love you.”

“Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve often felt very apprehensive of sharing my very own experience because of the taboo nature that surrounds abortion. I cried this morning when I saw the news. I have no words…” added MAFS star Domenica Calarco.

However, Abbie did call out 'random influencers' on social media, saying that more people needed to use their platform to speak out.

"Getting really bored of having random influencers clap react to my stories, or DM me about political issues constantly saying "yes girl!!!!!" but never posting [because] they're scared of being political.

"[Your] silence is deafening lol, I still think [you're] a lemon for not posting. A clap react won't change that."

Screenshot of Brooke Blurton's Instagram story where she praises Abbie Chatfield for talking about abortion
Fellow reality star Brooke Blurton shared Abbie's post to her story. Photo: Instagram/brooke.blurton

Former Bachelorette Brooke Blurton told the star she ‘admired her honesty’ and shared Abbie’s post to her story with a long comment.

“I’ve always admired Abbie Chatfield for the topics she speaks on. Her honesty, particularly around abortion was one that I thought she showed so much strength in and thought wow, what a f**king human,” Brooke started.

“After going through my own experience of an abortion only very little time ago, I am so lucky (if that’s the word to use) to have choice. WHY do men have choice over our bodies, why do they get right over them?” she added.

"I can only imagine those who have been triggered by Roe v Wade. So all I can do is send love to all the women and even some of my close friends who have gone through it also. That we need to be there for another more than ever. Education learning, is key. But also fighting together."

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