Why Abbie Chatfield would NEVER do reality TV again: 'Seen the other side'

Abbie Chatfield has come a long way since she made her first Aussie TV appearance looking for love on The Bachelor 2019, before also enjoying a short stint on Bachelor In Paradise, and taking out the crown on I'm a Celebrity.. Get me out of Here.

Now the former reality star turned podcast host has ventured in to her newest role of TV host for the first time this year on Love Island Australia Afterparty, something she tells Yahoo Lifestyle has been a "pinch me moment".

abbie chafield in a bikini
Abbie Chatfield has done enoug reality TV. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

"It's been so fun. It's been really hard. It's the hardest thing that I've done in the past two years. I didn't think it was going to be easy, but it's like very hard it turns out," Abbie tells us.

"But it's been so much fun and so rewarding and everyone who works on the show is so incredible.

"Every week I get excited for Thursdays. It's a really fun show that I really enjoy doing. It's about a show that I actually like and I like watching."


Now that the shoe is on the other foot — or at least the producers are in her ear — Abbie says she would never be able to go back to doing a reality TV show.

abbie chatfield on love island afterparty
Abbie Chatfield is host of Love Island Australia Afterparty. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

"It's actually funny that one of the producers on this show was my producer on The Bachelor. So she's great, I always really loved her. I liked all the producers on The Bachelor - I was like 'they are just doing their jobs' like whatever.

"But it is weird being in this other position now and seeing the other side of it a little bit. I guess it's different because it is a talk show where we want to have everyone be comfortable and fun and happy

"The only thing I really get in my ear is you know, 'next question is', or a bit of guidance in how to take the conversation but yeah, it is really interesting, and I feel like an actual TV host.

"It makes me not want to do a reality TV show ever again."

abbie chatfield on the bachelor
Abbie first starred on The Bachelor in 2019. Photo: Channel Ten
abbie chatfield
Abbie has a host of new projects in the works. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

It's not Abbie's only new gig either. The 26-year-old is now also leading an interactive digital course as part of Canesten Australia's University of Down Under, which aims to educate and empower young women with regards to their intimate health.

"When I was younger my sex education was pretty good, but it was more like 'don't get pregnant', 'don't get STIs', 'use condoms'. It was more warnings rather than being like, this is what thrush is and if you get it, it's okay," Abbie tells us of the new gig.

"There was none of that really. So you have to kind of like fumble your way through these things. And then when you when you have to fumble your way through, there's all this shame around it. Like for example, the first time you get thrush and you think 'what the f**k is this?'

"So with this [project] I love the idea of like accessible easy information."

Love Island Afterparty continues Thursday night or stream on 9Now.

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