BBC anchor gets his guest wrong on live TV

A BBC news presenter has had an awkward moment on live television after wrongly identifying a guest during a bulletin.

The anchor based in the BBC’s London office was reporting on the Roger Clemens perjury trial when he tossed a question to a gentleman in New York who he thought was AP baseball writer Ben Walker.

However, he was surprised when the guest replied he was not Walker. “You know what’s worse? That I am not Ben Walker and I don’t know anything about baseball,” he said.

An embarrassing few seconds of silence later, the anchor curtly admitted to the blunder. “We have the wrong guest, moving on…” he said.

The man on the other end of the live was Newser's Michael Wolff, a Rupert Murdoch biographer who has been making the news-program rounds during the News of the World scandal.

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