Gym closure leaves thousands out of pocket

Gym closure leaves thousands out of pocket

The Evolution Fitness Centre at Richmond

The unexpected closure of two gyms in Adelaide has left almost three thousand members out of pocket.

Evolution fitness at West Lakes and at Richmond closed its doors late yesterday after it went into liquidation.

The owner had left a note on the door, advising members of the company's troubles:

"Dear Members,

The escalating running costs, increased rental and consumer down turn in spending has forced us into creditors voluntary liquidation.

We are shattered that we can not continue operating after investing all our personal savings into both locations.

The decision was not made lightly as we endeavoured to find a resolution to the down turn in community spending.

I understand that members will be disgruntled at losing their membership but unfortunately I am unable to continue operating under the current structure.

My sincere apologies for all our members we have let down please understand this was not intentional.

Michael Malandris

Mr Malandris now owes $300,000 to creditors and said the closures were not intentional.

"We've lost all our homes, investment properties, motor vehicles... We're unemployed now," he said.

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