The Australian Greens have slammed plans to truck uranium through WA's outback under plans by Canadian mining company Cameco.

The mining giant is seeking environmental approval for its WA uranium mine, that would involve the transport of up to 3600 tonnes of uranium oxide concentrate each year from its Kintyre mine.

It would pass major towns including Port Headland and through Newman, Meekatharra, Mount Magnet and Leonora to the proposed Parkeston travel hub outside Kalgoorlie.

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam today said he was opposed to the proposed mine, and concerned about the transport of yellowcake through the State.

"The mine itself is proposed for a site right next to Rudall River, alongside the Karlamilyi National Park," he said.

"The uranium deposit was originally part of the park and was excised in 1994, so as you can imagine it is a pristine natural area and it has environmentally sensitive wetlands in the vicinity."

Senator Ludlam claimed yellowcake was moderately radioactive and chemically dangerous.

"In addition to the proposed Kintyre mine being an environmental disaster waiting to happen, this extraordinary transport route is a serious cause for concern in the event of a truck accident.

"With up to 70 convoys planned per year, only one vehicle in one of those convoys needs to crash for a town to be exposed to uranium oxide concentrate."

Port Hedland mayor Kelly Howlett said the shire was not concerned at the transport of yellowcake through the region on the Great Northern Highway.

Ms Howlett said dangerous substances were moved along the highway every day, but the population and environment was protected by stringent transport requirements.

The West Australian

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