Book Review: I Wonder
Book Review: I Wonder

I Wonder

Marian Bantjes

Thames & Hudson, $49.95 HB

This series of sprawling literary and pictorial meditations on visual culture and design wrapped in an alluring book-as-art-object package explodes with fractal dynamism, primal eloquence and a genuine joie de vivre.

Whether tackling ornament, Santa, heraldry, cemeteries, photography, handwriting, billboards, the alphabet or IKEA bookshelves, the Canadian typographer-illustrator's discursive, conversational writing style and crazily inventive visual designs always elicit a smile and a "wow" while her ideas throw you back into the world with a renewed sense of wonder.

As Stefan Sagmeister says in his foreword, "Marian's work might be my favourite example of beauty facilitating the communication of meaning."

The West Australian

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