Stripper 'raped' man at buck's night

A court's been told a stripper accused of raping a man at a buck's night told him it was "just a joke", after he complained about being violated by a sex toy.

The alleged victim told the Victorian County Court that he he urged stripper Linda Maree Naggs not to put the pink strap-on dildo into his anus and was shocked when she did.

"I was pretty upset at that stage," he said.

"I could feel something was there."

40-year-old Naggs is accused of raping the alleged victim.

He told the court he scuffled with Naggs and told her to leave after the incident.

"She said it was just a joke, just a joke.

"I knew that there was something wrong down there."

The man said he went to the toilet and returned with a bloody tissue that he showed to Naggs.

He said when he asked for his money back, the stripper threatened to call in bikies.

Earlier in the case, the jury was told to keep their sympathy, emotion or bias out of their minds at the trial.

Linda Maree Naggs has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Naggs' barrister has suggested the man placed himself in close proximity to the dildo for a reason.

The man allegedly asked Naggs not go near his anus with the dildo, and she reportedly said she wouldn't.

The court's heard the man then complained to police later that day while a medical examination showed a small abrasion below is anal verge.

Medical examiners believe the abrasion was "most likely caused by blunt trauma."

Fairfax reports Naggs is a working mother and a professional dancer of 13 years.

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