Cat shot 27 times

A cat in Cairns is set to survive, after being shot 27 times with an air rifle.

The RSPCA wants the offenders charged after the pet, called Possum, ventured from his home last Friday and returned with dozens of wounds.

There were injuries to his tongue, and a slug gun pellet was lodged in the back of his mouth.

His owner Jodi Mulley said, "I was crying the whole time. I had to pull one out then I'd burst into tears."

Local vet Max Fargher was horrified when an x-ray revealed the cat was littered with pellets.

"I've never seen anything like this," Mr Fargher said. "20 pellets lodged in the cat is just out of control."

The RSPCA wants those responsible to be prosecuted. Officers say it's an extreme case of cruelty, and they're keen to speak to the people who shot the cat.

They believe it would have taken at least 10 to 15 minutes to fire the shots into Possum.

Owner Ms Mulley added, "I think they would have done it for fun and just watched him, watched him in pain."

Possum has undergone surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Anyone with information about the attack should contact Crimestoppers.

Cat shot 27 times

Cat shot 27 times