US teen averages 470 texts a day

A teenager in the US has achieved what to some parents would be their worst nightmare - a 440 page mobile phone bill.

US teen averages 470 texts a day

US teen averages 470 texts a day

13-year-old Reina Hardesty sent 14,528 text messages in the entire month of December, which averages out to be 470 messages a day, at an average of one every two minutes.

The New York Post reported her father's shock at receiving the phone bill.

"First I laughed. I thought 'That's insane, that's impossible'," Greg Hardesty told the Post.

"I thought maybe AT&T had made some mistake on the bill."

Reina and her friends are a part of a core group of "four obsessive texters", who often message each other even at the most unnecessary time. Reina has said she once texted her best friend, who was sitting right next to her at a karaoke party.

She even goes as far as texting her friends to brag about how many texts she has sent that day.

The phone bill could have reached almost $3,000, but fortunately for Reina's parents, her phone plan allows for unlimited texting for US$30 a month.

Reina parents now say she is forbidden from texting after dinner every night.

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