The questions Barnaby Joyce faces


- Media adviser Vikki Campion begins working in Barnaby Joyce's office in August 2016.

- She shifts to Matt Canavan's office in April 2017.

- Campion returns to Joyce's office for several weeks when Canavan is forced to step down in July.

- Campion moves to Nationals whip Damian Drum's office in August 2017, before going on stress leave.

- Joyce reveals in parliament in December he is separated from his wife of 24 years, Natalie.

- Campion is due to give birth to Joyce's child in April.



- The ministerial code of conduct says frontbenchers cannot employ close relatives or partners or get them work in other ministerial offices "without the prime minister's express approval".

- Joyce says Campion was not his "partner" when she worked in his or Canavan's ministerial offices.

- They were partners when she moved to Drum's office, but Drum was not a minister.

- Campion provided media advice to Joyce, despite her working in other offices.


- Labor wants to see details of the taxpayer-funded flights Joyce and Campion took in 2017 to ensure there was no breach of the rules.


- Joyce and Campion live rent-free in an Armidale town house.

- Joyce says businessman Greg Maguire called him and offered a place to stay rent-free, while media reports suggest Joyce made first contact.

- Ministerial standards say ministers "must not seek or encourage any form of gift in their personal capacity".

- Joyce says the townhouse was provided when he was not an MP or minister.


- Joyce's department spent $5000 on meals and drinks for a March 2016 function he attended at Maguire's Quality Hotel Powerhouse in Armidale.

- Joyce was unaware of the payment.

- His office said the money was spent in line with departmental procurement guide lines.


- Joyce will go on leave from February 19 to 25 and will not be acting prime minister next week when Malcolm Turnbull is away.

- Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Joyce must consider his position.

- Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie has "rolled gold" guaranteed Joyce will see out the week as leader.

- Labor leader Bill Shorten says Joyce's position is untenable, especially over the townhouse.

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