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Today's birthday, November 16: Australian comedian, director, screenwriter and author Tim Ferguson (1963 - ).

Today's birthday, November 16: Australian comedian and author Tim Ferguson (1963 - ).

Today's birthday, November 16: Australian comedian and author Tim Ferguson (1963 - ).

Tim Ferguson is best known for being part of the hit musical comedy trio the Doug Anthony All Stars, and for his work writing and producing live stage comedy shows and light entertainment programs.

Battling multiple sclerosis since his late 20s, the accomplished comedian has spent the last decade raising awareness of the debilitating condition and campaigning for improved care for sufferers.

Ferguson was born in Canberra in 1963 and grew up on a rural property near the town of Perthville in New South Wales.

In 1984 Ferguson met Richard Fidler while busking on the streets of Canberra. They soon began performing together and joined up with friend Robert Piper to form the Doug Anthony All Stars (DAAS). Piper left the group in 1985 and was replaced by Paul McDermott.

DAAS made their first overseas performance at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1987 to sell-out crowds.

They quickly gained popularity in the UK, where they made numerous television appearances, but remained virtually unknown in Australia until 1989 when they were made regular performers on the Australian TV comedy show The Big Gig. They remained on the show until 1991 when they left to create their own ABC comedy series, DAAS Kapital.

The group split in 1994 but re-formed in 2014 with Paul Livingston taking the place of Richard Fidler. DAAS continue to tour the globe today and in 2016 won the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Spirit of the Fringe Award.

Outside of his comedy work with DAAS, Ferguson has hosted numerous television shows including eight series of the comedy clip program Unreal TV.

He is also the creator, co-writer and co-producer of the sitcom Shock Jock, and co-directed the 2016 film Spin Out.

In addition to his screen and directing work, Ferguson is also a talented writer and author.

He has written a novel, an autobiography, a screenwriter's manual, numerous television scripts and various opinion pieces and articles for Fairfax newspapers.

Since 2016 Ferguson has taught comedy screenwriting at New York University and is a sessional lecturer in Screenwriting and Writing TV Comedy at RMIT University.

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