Researchers 'break through' iPhone X’s hi-tech Face ID security

A group of security researchers claim to be the first to break through Apple’s hi-tech Face ID security for iPhone X.

Has someone already broken iPhone X’s hi-tech Face ID security?

Has someone already broken iPhone X’s hi-tech Face ID security?

The researchers at Vietnamese security firm Bkav claim that they can get through the security system by fooling the face scanner with a mask which costs just $173 to create.

Bkav claims the composite mask, made of 3D printed plastic and make-up, was able to unlock an iPhone locked with Face ID.

In a blog post the firm claims that the Face ID can be fooled by the mask, which means it is not an “effective security measure”.

The researcher sets his iPhone X up facing the mask. Source: YouTube/ Bkav Corp

The phone unlocks without looking at his face. Source: YouTube/ Bkav Corp

The firm admits that it is unlikely ordinary users will be targeted by this method.

But it could mean the phone is too insecure for anyone who might be a target of spies or industrial espionage.

Terry Ray, chief technology officer of US-based cyber security firm Imperva, said “nothing is 100 per cent secure".

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Mr Ray said.

“The questions are: How much trouble would someone go to, and how much would they spend, to get your data?”

Mr Ray said it was important to note that the attacks being suggested are “individual bespoke attacks” which needed to be “built and executed against each victim separately”.

“This is in addition to stealing the individual’s phone and getting access to it before the owner can remotely wipe the device,” he said.

“Is your data so valuable that someone would go to this effort?”

Bkav Corp says it's unlikely ordinary individuals will be targeted by the method. Source: YouTube/ Bkav Corp

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