Todays Birthday 13/10

Today's Birthday, October 13: Carl Williams, Australian convicted murderer and drug trafficker, (1970 - 2010).

Today's Birthday, October 13: Carl Williams, Australian convicted murderer, (1970 - )

Today's Birthday, October 13: Carl Williams, Australian convicted murderer, (1970 - )

Notorious underworld figure Carl Williams, a central character in the Melbourne Gangland Killings, was sentenced to 37 years in prison, where he was murdered by an inmate in 2010.

Williams was born to Barbara Denman and George Williams, a man who existed on the fringes of petty crime. While growing up in Broadmeadows, Victoria, Williams spent a lot of time in West Melbourne.

After leaving Broadmeadows Technical School in Year 11, Williams moved around different labouring jobs before trying his hand as a semi-professional gambler. Before long, he passed it up for the lucrative drug trade market.

Despite Williams' elder brother Shane dying of a heroin overdose in 1997, Williams and his father teamed up to import large quantities of illegal drugs.

In 1999 the duo was charged with serious drug offences after a police raid turned up 30,000 pills in George's Broadmeadows property.

The longstanding rivalry between Williams and well-known crime family the Moran's escalated after Jason Moran shot Williams in the stomach over a reported drug debt in October 1999.

In January 2001 Williams married his girlfriend Roberta, who was pregnant with their daughter Dhakota.

Two years later a string of grisly murders would eventually be linked directly to Williams. In June 2003 underworld figures Jason Moran and Pasquale Barbaro were shot dead inside their car during a children's football match. Then in August the burnt body of Mark Mallia was found in a wheelie bin.

A year later in 2004, Williams ordered the killing of Lewis Moran, who was shot in an inner suburban Melbourne hotel.

In October 2004 Williams was sentenced to seven years' jail for drug trafficking, then in 2007 he was further charged with three murders, leading to a 35-year sentence.

In 2008 the first Underbelly series depicting key players in Melbourne's criminal underworld - including Carl Williams - aired on the Nine Network. The show was a smash hit and garnered actor Gyton Grantley who played Williams an AFI and Logie award.

On April 2010 Williams died while incarcerated at Barwon Prison near Geelong after he was struck in the head by fellow inmate Matthew Charles Johnson.

In 2017 the Seven Network was forced to delay broadcasting an episode of Murder Uncovered featuring Carl and Roberta Williams, over concerns it might influence jurors in an underworld murder trial.