A toddler who was punched by a man who's believed to be intellectually disabled has been discharged from hospital.

Theodore Maddren was at the Wairau Road Pak n Save on Auckland's North Shore on Sunday when his father, Shane, says he was punched in the side of the head with a closed fist.

Mr Maddren said in a Facebook post that the man who allegedly punched Theo was in his 20s, and he believed he was intellectually disabled.

"Before the man left with his dad/carer who was struggling to keep the man under control while they left the man continued kicking and pushing things off shelves."

The Maddrens laid a complaint to police on Sunday afternoon that an unknown assailant had assaulted the toddler.

The boy "took it like a champ he is", and didn't cry at the time, Mr Maddren said.

"We kept an eye on Theo keeping him awake (just in case) and all seemed well."

Later that afternoon he began vomiting and was taken to Auckland's Starship Hospital. Although he was kept in overnight, doctors think it's more likely a viral infection than from the punch.

"I say this not in anger. But to make you aware that you never know what is going to happen or when and you really do need to be watching everything," Mr Maddren said.

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