Can Elon Musk's 'hyperloop' trains do Sydney to Melbourne in an hour?

If you suffer from a fear of flying or being stuck in endless traffic, then rest easy, Elon Musk may just have a solution.

Pods, otherwise referred to as the "Hyperloop" travelling at incredible speeds could possibly transform the eastern Australian seaboard into a mega region within a decade.

The ambitious venture is proposed to link passengers commuting between Sydney and Melbourne in the unheard of travel time of under and hour.

Hyperloop technology could make Melbourne to Sydney quicker than plane. Source: Facebook/ VIC Hyper

According to reports designers in Melbourne are currently researching the feasibility of the space-like transport system which is the brain-child of entrepreneur Musk.

Earlier in the year during a presentation Musk described dabbling with an ultra-fast rail transport system known as ‘Hyperloop’ that he detailed in a paper several years ago, inviting entrepreneurs to make it real.

Musk is also working on building tunnels more efficiently at his aptly named Boring company.

In his vision, Hyperloop pods would zip along vacuum-sealed tubes in tunnels that could conceivably be built by the Boring company.

"I'm not trying to be anyone's savior," Musk said while discussing colonizing Mars and other dreams. "I am just trying to think about the future and not be sad."

Sydney's roads were the slowest by far in Australia. Source: AAP

"You'll tell me if it ever starts getting genuinely insane, right?" the Silicon Valley star known for turning his passions into visionary enterprises added playfully.

Describing traffic jams as "soul-crushing," he said they could be eliminated by building multi-level tunnel networks for cars.

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His company is already trying to bore tunnels under Los Angeles, he said.

The boring company has a pet snail named Gary that inches along far faster than the current machines used to create tunnels, he added.

Congestion is only expected to get wose. Source: AAP

His machines would build small-bore tunnels "faster than Gary," in what he said would be a major, cost-saving advance.

Committee for Melbourne chief Martine Letts told News Corp, “The time for rivalry is over. To compete on the global stage and to deliver the best for our economy and people, it is imperative that Melbourne and Sydney work together.

“A critical component for a successful eastern seaboard region is to bridge the geographical divide via an efficient intercity link.

“A rapid intercity link will support the vision. We have the technology to conquer the distance,” she said.

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