'I'm going to kill all Muslims': Man rants after van runs down people outside London mosque

After a van drove into pedestrians outside a London mosque a man jumped out shouting he was going to kill all Muslims, a witness has said.

“I want to kill all Muslims:” Eyewitness tells of horrifying scenes outside London Mosque

“I want to kill all Muslims:” Eyewitness tells of horrifying scenes outside London Mosque

At least a dozen people are believed to have been injured in what police described as a "major incident" outside Finsbury Park Mosque, in what may be a revenge attack for recent terror attacks in the UK.

The incident was reported to police just after midnight on Sunday (local time) with an eyewitness recalling the rant of the man who jumped out of the van.

Emergency services responded to the scene after a man ploughed through pedestrians in a van. Photo: AP

"I was there when it happened," the witness told BuzzFeed.

"We were trying to help an old man when this big van went all over us, at least eight to 10 people were injured - I was lucky to escape," he said.

"The man came out of the van and he started running and I managed to get him on the floor," he added.

"I was holding him down then he just started screaming "I'm going to kill all Muslims, I'm going to kill all Muslims.

"He then started saying kill me, kill me, and we said 'no we're not going to do that but why did you do that, why?' and he didn't say anything."

The witness said he believes it took about 30 minutes for a single ambulance to arrive when there were at least "two to three victims in a life-threatening condition".

It's understood at least 10 people are injured. Photo: AP

He described the accused as a "tall man, between 45 and 50, and a strong and big man".

The witness said he and a friend were helping an older man who looked in distress before the van ploughed through pedestrians.

Early reports on Twitter suggested a number of people had been hit. Source: Twitter/Madara Uchiha‏

"We were asking him if he could breathe and then within maybe a minute a van just came through," the witness said.

"It wasn't just an accident, he was saying he wanted to kill all Muslims."

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