WATCH: Man miraculously walks away after being hit by car

A man has miraculously managed to walk away after a car smashed through a restaurant window and pinned him against a wall.

Dramatic video emerged of the incident in Arizona where Blair Robertson was sitting with a friend in Silk’s Country Kitchen next to the window.

Suddenly a white car crashes through and pins Robertson against a wall.

But he walks off the impact and shoves tables and chairs out of the way to walk clear of the crash site.

The car smashes through the window. Source: Storyful

Mr Robertson remains pinned against a wall. Source: Storyful

He later posted on Facebook he couldn’t believe he walked away but still felt “battered and bruised.”

Police said the driver of the car was an 85-year-old woman and she was not injured in the crash.

She was also not impaired.

It’s not known if any charges were laid.

Somehow Mr Robertson walks away from the crash. Source: Storyful

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